The constant quest to deliver the best quality work is at the very core of our team’s values.

We know that by achieving this goal, our clients will have more success in their own businesses and thereby improve the overall quality of the translation industry. The knowledge that we make a difference serves as an incentive for us to set higher standards for ourselves day after day.

Our main


in a nutshell

Professional typesetting of foreign language text in virtually any language

Huge range of foreign language software and fonts

Output to any format required

Proven QA processes to ensure professional quality artwork

100% Reliable

We guarantee the quality of our multilingual typesetting services. That is, we guarantee that all text will be in the correct place, font usage will be appropriate, and our layout will follow accepted conventions for the languages involved. This ensures that the final result will be pleasing to the eye in the target market(s).

Whatever your typesetting needs
Talk to us about your requirements

No job is too big or too small, and we’re happy to help!
We have extensive specialist knowledge of producing multi-language: Advertising, Contract Documents, Exhibition Catalogues, Presentations, Product Labels, Promotional Literature, Technical Manuals.


PC and MAC. Or accumulated multilingual dtp know-how allows us to avoid the many pitfalls in working with foreign text in graphic programs and ensures we produce professional quality artwork to an existing or new design, first time, every time.


Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop. QuarkXpress. Don’t forget that we speak the same language as you do, whether you are talking Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXpressTM or Indesign TM, CMYK, or special colours, we understand your business and can transform your artwork to include foreign languages that match your English layout.

Written Languages

We provide DTP in a wide array of different languages and alphabets. Wether you prefer to receive your foreign language text as Illustrator outline files or in any other digital format, you simply send us your designed document and leave the rest to us.